How Money Seduces Men and Women Differently


If you put the cliche to the test, when it comes to money, men are indeed from Mars while women are from Venus.

According to a recent study conducted by Social Indicators Research, men and women are seduced by money in different ways. The study featured over 100,000 individuals in the U.K. who were surveyed on how they responded to money across various parameters. The study broadly defined four main categories which are associated with money: security, power, love, and freedom.

One of the major differences between the genders was in how women associated money more with love and freedom compared to men. By contrast, for men, more than women, money represented power and security.

Among its many findings, the survey also confirmed the phenomenon of retail therapy for women. Compared to men, women were “worried spenders” – they shopped as a form of therapy and they worried more about money.

It goes without saying that the findings of this survey, which focused on a U.K. sample audience, could also probably offer similar results in India and other countries. As indicated by the study, if women see money as a means to freedom, then the MIRR credo of “Indulgence is Freedom” rings true.